Pierre Grambert

French Nationality
31 year old

8 years of experience
- Design thinking, from analysis to prototype. Iterating is the key
- Using sketch/invision workflow
- Using UI process (from concept to production)
- Using and editing design systems for projects
- At ease with workshops and wireframes
- Using ADOBE complete suite workflow
- Using ADOBE (Pr/Ae) workflow
- Using video process (from the synopsis to the post production)
- Using shooting process (from the plan to de-rushing)
- Working with canon camera, but also other brands
A picture worth a thousand words
Using the right tool at the right time
-Using fast prototyping tools (Axure, Invision, Sketch) 
-Optimize client exchanges with Invision
-Work with client in every steps validation
- Using wireframe to structure
- Using softwares to give to see
- Mac/PC regardless
- At ease with Adobe softwares video
Knowing how it's works
Working in team, for the customer

- Always learning how to dev
- Tinker with JS, CSS and HTML
- Knowing vocabulary & logic behind developers
- Always worked with other professions in team
- Building common process of works 
- Discover new process and intregating them to the team
EXPERIENCES _______________________________________________________________________________________
1 1/2 year break to learn french cuisine
feb 2020 > july 2021
6 months online courses + 1 year working in associatives structures during COVID.
Part time job during covid At Grenoble, France Food Banks
3-4 000 fresh meals delivered every week to several others associatives structures of Grenoble region. Working with a team of 7/8 retired volunteer each day to make this possible. 
- Summer and fall 2020 at Grenoble concert Hall 'La Belle Electrique'.
With 60 to 120 meals a day. All fresh and local. Menu changing every week. At the end, in charge of cold meals, and working with pastry chef for the desserts. 
- Summer 2021 at Youth Summer club 'The White House' in the French Alps.
Alone with sometime the help of an other person. Making 50/100 lunch and dinner each day for young people.
2017 > 2021
Helping the design studio to build their digital presence, from scratch.
Designing + coding Website (square space), media content production, community management, SEO. Helping the studio with UX/UI projects for their customers.
Capgemini - UX/UI Designer//3years
2017 > 2020
Designing apps & services 
Working on several projects for different customers. Designing apps in AR/VR, web or classical apps, web sites. Participation in all kind of workshop, from the really first one, to bring out ideas, to live design workshop, for finalize concept.
2013 > 2017
Web and motion Designer

Working on several projects for different customers. Essentialy as a web designer, designing websites, sometime with a project on my own as a art director, but most of the time under the management of an art director.also have the responsability of all video project, motion, video clip, or both.
Master degree in interactive design - 2012/2014

Villefontaine Design College - France
Associate degree Graphic Design- 2009/2012
+ 1 year of preparatory class

Villefontaine Design College - France
High school diploma in science & biology - 2005/2009

Amberieu high school - France
INTERESTS __________________________________________________________________________________
Hiking, Skiing, Mountainering, Climbing, Running...
Here to see the most National Parks possible. Always down to go on a road trip!
Living the French cliché in the best way possible ! From south of France, I love cooking Bouillabaisse (fish soup) and ratatouille. But really into pastries, especially In love of a good fine fruits pie, or handmades croissants
Passioned with that from highschool. Taking my canon (almost) every time I can when hiking, skiing or traveling...
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