Geological and Mining Research Bureau is the benchmark French public establishment for earth science applications to manage soil and subsoil resources and risks. It is the French national geological service. The site is the database of research linked to the institute, and it also makes it possible to promote actions with researchers and the center.
Change the artistic direction of the site and additional services (blogs, applications). Renew the image of the institution.
New services were added (blogs third-party applications ...) to the institute and the artistic direction was not planned for that. The image of the establishment has aged and is no longer relevant.
Open public call for projects. The goal was to create the first pages of the site to show the style of the new site and how the artistic direction would be applied to the other applications.
An afternoon creative workshop to establish the direction and target the screens to be produced. Drafting of style and corection with the pre-sales team to finalize the models and refine the presentation documents.

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