Kairn Design Studio is a young industrial product design studio in the field of outdoor sports (mainly bikes and skis). With 4 Designers, the 6years old studio already got greats projects in bike industry with mostly Lapierre Cycle, safety mountain gear with ARVA, or googles with Bollé/Cébé.
- The studio's online presence.
- Social network management.
- Co-design of the new website,
- SEO management,
- Development of modules on the site,
- Co-design of sub pages on key activities of the studio
- Content production with photograph and motion during winter & bike activities
- Studio members don't have the time to manage their digital presence.
- Their website is no longer up to date,
- Their communication is managed on a day-to-day basis.
- The need to diversify and find new customers.
- To give credibility to the image of a young studio (<5 years old) and to be attractive to potential new recruits / new partnerships
Communication in Kairn is everyone's work. The studio produces visual content almost every day that can potentially be used for its communication. My goal in this organization has been to pass on my knowledge in terms of communication and content strategy so that the studio can orchestrate its communication more harmoniously. That everyone can be autonomous in the creation of a project page, or of a communication on the networks, and that each action has an optimal impact on the image perceived on the internet (SEO, Social networks ...)
- Participation in co-design workshops.
- Audit writing on good communication practices.
- Website production, mockups and CSS/HTML integration
- Implementation of an SEO strategy
- Design / production of newsletters with Mailchimp
- Implementation of a communication schedule on social networks
- Production of visual content photos & videos during mountain outings
- Kairn Design Studio appears in 1st position in +10 search critera in Google. Mostly when localisation critera is specified, as the studio search to consolidate it's local implementation. Before this work, the studio was only active at the botom of these results, or in the following pages...

- The business is stimulate by the new website and the new communication strategy. This change allowed the Kairn to have directly 2 new projects directly thank to this change during first month of this new direction.

- The number of spontaneous applications, intern applications, and other collaborations requests have significantly increased.
- I personnaly gone beyond my comfort zone working on several non mastered subjects. I've learn a lot to personalize the standard squarespace mock up with added CSS et JS, learning about the logic behind... It was also challenging to work on SEO performance, but rewarding to see the flash results. 

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