Start-up aiming to simplify the work of agents of semi-professional and professional players. The platform allows a connection between players and sports clubs. The agent still playing his role of intermediary and negotiator, but through tools designed to simplify his life.
Creation of the service from A to Z, but with a limited budget.
The start-up is just starting out, with a lot of ideas regarding its application, but does not have the necessary expertise to sort and set it all up.
As the structure does not have the necessary funds to set up all its ideas, the main objective has been to prioritize all the functionalities in order, first to sort and filter the ideas to keep only the most useful for the service, then to process them. develop gradually according to the funds available by the start-up. I was involved in the organization of the service, and in the artistic direction.
Implementation in design sprint format. Once the features were listed and prioritized, they were packaged in blocks of one week, making the distinction between design and development. As soon as the start-up was ready, one or more blocks of a week were released and the work was articulated in a purely agile format.

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